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RUNWILD Entertainment Ltd is an independent game development studio formed in September 2016 in South Wales, UK. We have a team of veteran developers and a number of contractors that we work with based around the world.


Our ambition is to become world renowned for co-op PvE multiplayer games which we have a passion for, bringing players together in unique and inspiring adventures.


Our first game Almighty: Kill your Gods is a hugely ambitious ARPG, especially for our small team size, but we love a challenge.

We are based out of offices in the Welsh Valleys, with the majority of the team working remotely.

We have a core team approach and prefer to partner with like-minded companies and individuals to increase production capabilities so that everyone can remain creatively involved.​


Company Values


We try to get features in the hands of players as soon as possible in a minimum viable state, and as we work as a team we iterate to make them better based on the feedback we receive. This may take us in unexpected directions as we 'find the fun'. We make games we want to play, we also want others to love them too.




We like small agile teams with a minimum amount of bureaucracy, where everyone can creatively contribute to our projects and share their passion. A focus on making the game rather than the process of making the game, the game is our canvas.

An open and honest relationship within our team, with our business partners, and with our players. Where everyone is valued as an essential part of the creative process. A diverse group of minds and opinions will help us grow.



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