About RunwilD Entertainment

RUNWILD Entertainment is an independent game development studio formed in September 2016 in South Wales, UK. The team have a track record of working together and successfully shipping games, we may be working on our first game but we have a solid understanding of how to work together, and have a creative and collaborative focus.


We are based out of offices in the Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise on Caerphilly Business Park, in Caerphilly, famous for its castle, its cheese and the occasional dragon.

Our mission is to pioneer multiplayer experiences where players can share adventures in an emergent and seamless way, make connections and have fun whilst doing it.​​

In addition to our own original content we also provide high quality 'work for hire' services and can fully integrate into external teams if required, or work from scratch. We are platform agnostic and experts using the Unity game engine.


We have a core team approach and prefer to partner with like minded companies and individuals to increase production capabilities so that everyone can remain creatively involved.

Business representation - The Arsenal Agency


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Registered Office: Britannia House, Caerphilly Business Park, Caerphilly, CF83 3GG, Wales. Company Number - 10337620.

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