Here you will find information about the games we have worked on in the past and are currently working on.


Our first original IP currently in development, Almighty is a co-op multiplayer focused game, but with our own unique twist. We are using Unity as the game engine, something which we have a lot of experience of using.

Pooka: Magic and mischief

A work for hire contract to rescue project out of a company administration, get iOS and Android versions working, hook up with new server backend and hand over for further development and monetisation strategy. The company directors were previously the leads on this project before forming RUNWILD Entertainment, holding Game Director, Lead Artist and Lead Programmer roles, along with other members of the RUNWILD team who played significant roles. The game was also developed for PC, Mac and Apple Tv but these platforms were never released.


Pooka features an extensive touch screen friendly customisation system for creating your own unique character from thousands of combinations, and a unique asynchronous multiplayer feature that allowed players to summon in their friends to help them complete with their own unique looks and abilities.

Cirkits: toy robot racing

Previously whilst at Cohort Studios the directors of RUNWILD Entertainment developed and self-published Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing on iOS, a combat racing game where you race robots around a track whilst trying to get the highest score possible. The game featured asynchronous gameplay where players could race against their friends best times without having to be online at the same time.