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Almighty - Guardian Update

Here is an update on the progress of the Guardian character we are working on, with the first footage of the game that we have shown publicly. It still doesn't have final textures as we have been focusing on functionality, and have been tweaking its scale and features for the gameplay. The footage is just captured out of the Unity editor so frame rate is a little clunky.

It currently doesn't have any AI implemented which we are working on and should have updates for that soon. We are also working on how the player can clamber about on it, and here in the footage is an unsuccessful attempt of trying to jump on its back. We are also implementing IK so that it walks correctly along the landscape and its giant hands do not intersect with the ground. Obviously when AI is implemented it won't take too kindly to you getting near it and jumping on it.

There is no sound on this footage, so you don't need to adjust your headphones or speakers :)

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