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Almighty - Prototype Trailer

Well hello you lovely people, we thought we would do a fairly big update on progress today and show you a trailer of the various prototype footage we have put together. We think it gives a good feel for the game, but clearly there are loads of things still missing and work in progress. Why have we done this you may ask, well we are sending this out to various publishers to see if they would like to partner with us on this.

For people who are interested we are using Unity 5 on this project, which seems to be a frequent question, something the team have used in the past and are fairly comfortable with now. Platforms we are currently aiming for are PC, PS4 and Xbox One (if Microsoft pull their finger out with our application to become a registered developer).

Theres a bit more of the Lost in this footage, we will likely show some more of these shadowy characters in some future updates. If anyone has seen the animated version of Lord of the Rings by Ralph Bakshi they will know one of the influences.

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