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Almighty - Burning Ambition

Hello everyone! We have been a bit quiet on here recently, noses hard to the grind stone and all that, but just to let you know we have been making a lot of great progress, and things are moving ahead nicely. So here's some grabs from what we have been working on recently.

The screen shots above show some buildings located on the players island that have been damaged. We have been working on the way they get destroyed, how you can repair and upgrade them, and how they defend themselves. Obviously keep in mind this is still work in progress, there will be lots of polishing as the game progresses.

We have been working on a lot of backend stuff too, like syncing ragdoll over the network, different controller support and the like, not particularly exciting in terms of visible progress but will really help towards the overall experience.

Hoping to have further updates towards the end of the month, some footage of these in action, and news about our plans and progress.


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