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Running Wild, Running Free.

We've been so busy with Almighty that we almost forgot that the company was 1 year old on the weekened. So happy birthday us yay!

Things are moving along nicely with the game, we recently upgraded to the latest version of Unity and had the usual fixing things that got broken period. We are focusing on combat currently and getting all the basic systems in place that will be needed for that. The key will be to provide the player with a set of tools where they can devise their own tactics.

We have a new programmer join the team this week, we have a new animator starting in 2 weeks, so we will be able to iterate a lot more quickly in the coming months.

Above is a screenshot of one of the magic spells in action, it actually does damage now where before it had just been a visual effect.

Above is a sneak peek at another feature we have been implementing recently, don't want to give to much away at this stage but it's pretty impressive when it kicks off in game.


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