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ALMIGHTY - Steam Update

The latest update is now available on Steam.

With our latest update, our work to improve the game’s quality, and add new content continues as we move toward our vision for Version 1. There are still some known issues that we need to fix, but we feel this update is a lot smoother and stable than previous versions. We’ve fleshed out the Hollows more by adding a lot more hazards, grinders, destroyable doors, and exploding barrels. That said, there is still a lot of work to do here to make them feel more threatening.

We’ve also started to flesh out the Home Island, adding the Boatyard, Brewery and Lighthouses. Soon, we’ll be adding the Academy, and a Bar and Stage to the Brewery. All these new features will feed into the island prestige and economy updates that we will be adding soon. They will also provide other benefits, such as the Brewery providing Libations to purchase. These will provide the player with buffs like Tonics.

The Academy will help train and upgrade your Kindred. We have improved the Kindred, giving them a jump ability, and they now should use the correct tools for the job, like carrying barrels or buckets back from the well, a scythe in the fields, or using a fishing rod whilst fishing.

There’s a lot of changes and improvements in this update that we hope players will enjoy, and there is still more to come! Again, we would like to thank everyone for their support. Please keep your feedback and suggestions coming.


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