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Almighty - Update 10

Greetings and salutations, here's footage highlighting some of the new content contained in our 10th update to Almighty: Kill your Gods that is now available on Steam. We are still in Early Access but this update is a big one and adds new content, and fixes a lot of issues with the game.

It's been a while since our last update so there's quite a lot that's been added, polished and fixed, there's plenty more content and improvements to come as we prepare for Version 1, so please stay tuned.

Here's this change log of things changed and added:

- Added throwing to carriable objects, hold left and right Fire and release to throw, longer you hold further you throw.

- Added magic static charge and impact explosion to carriable objects, hold left and right Fire until it's charged.

- Added Crafting tracking, tracking the ingredients required as Quests for any object, view on Quest menu.

- Fixed numerous issues with Raids in multiplayer, enemies no longer linger after raid end.

- Increased Raid loot drop rewards.

- Fixed diagonal melee attack issues most noticeable on controllers.

- Skip cutscene added to B button on controller, Escape as normal on Keyboard.

- Added Highlord Level 2 and 3, with level 3 having a golden Battle Throne.

- Added Highlord codex.

- Added Codex for Islands and Hollows complete with what minerals and buried loot is available.

- Added Gold Stinger to God Islands.

- Added Gold Lancer to God Islands.

- Anu Island now unlocks at Almighty tier.

- Added Almighty and above tier Signature Gear to Quartermaster Store.

- Added Signature Power Stones.

- Added ability to use stores on friends Home Islands.

- Added Weakpoints to Sense mode.

- Improved Sense mode to use icons for accessibility and optimised.

- Added reset player progress menu option.

- Stopped players changing gear whilst amulet spell is active which caused issues.

- Removed Torando upward force and replaced it with more severe impact damage, to avoid Torando ragdoll pinball.

- Fixed carriable object stutter.

- Carrying animations adjusted to be more upright.

- Carriable objects that land in sea should now float to nearest shore.

- Players now drop carriables when they enter the sea.

- Adjusted God Island enemy spawning to be more challenging.

- Added jump vents to God Islands.

- Fixed God Island Hollows chest spawning.

- Fix to camera collision, should intersect less with environment.

- Added carrying and throwing details to Archive.

- Powerstone higher Tiers above Almighty added.

- Moved Particles to Addressables for continued memory optimisation.

- Moved Upgradable Buildings to Addressables

- Downing Wildlife at higher Tiers should no longer kill them outright with 1 shot.

- Fixed a number of issues with Home Island economy, adjusted bonus items awarded.

- Home Island buildings should no longer build on top of other players, they get respawned near interact point.

- Home Island Guard Tower broken floors in multiplayer fixed.

- Home Island buildings no longer damaged by storm lightning.

- Home Island buildings no longer healed by Powerstones.

- Statues and Banners no longer spawn multiple copies when previewing customisation changes.

- Fixed Kindred failing to find job points on Home Island.

- Fixed Home Island buildings not always starting with correct health.

- Extracted container opening sequence sped up, added accept/slaughter all for Wildlife.

- Adjusted camera shake when standing in fire so its different to being hit by vents.

- Killing God now also destroys any storms/tornados they spawned.

- Gods no longer fly into space if you stand on them.

- Ironside shader duration fixed.

- Morning Star and Guard Towers will target ragdolled enemies and not wait for them to get up.

- Feral Lair destroyed state fixed for multiplayer.

- Added the display of Home Island owner’s name on map screen in multiplayer.

- Fix Kindred playing the walk-with-lantern animation after the lantern de-spawns on greeting a player.

- Added compass and waypoints to tutorial scene.

- Fixed memory leak caused by Extraction Points.

- Fixed bugs related to Lightning Bolt data.

- Fixed enemy lairs spawning enemies while destroyed in multiplayer.

- Disabled Dynamic Batching, and added GPU material instancing.

- Animation file optimisations.

- Fixed gloop style projectiles sticking in mid air.

- Fixed explosive containers sync over Photon.

- Fixed God Tentacles destroying too many colliders, which allowed players to enter the God’s torso.

- Fixed Pack UI’s Join Pack Member system, cannot use when player is between scenes to prevent disconnects.

- Fixed Treasure Chests and Buried Treasure when used in a Pack that is split over multiple islands.

- Golden Storm and Bastion Guardians given more health and damage, VFX fixes.

- Fix to clamp on points not throwing players off when overcharged.

- Adjustments to grass and shadow quality settings.

- Fixed problem with home island saves losing data.

- Fixed player not being thrown off clamp points.

- Fix quest manager spamming errors.

- Fix “healed by [own name]” messages.

- Fixed guardian beam termination logic.

- Fix some incorrectly observed Photon components.

- Lightning will not strike player while inside the customisation area.

- UI Input text fields remain focused if the player moves the cursor out of the collision area.

- Fixes to basic Clan functionality.

- Added Clan room model to stall.

- Improved background room to viewing clan members.

- Updated Photon PUN version.

- Updated Accelbyte SDK.

- Numerous ongoing bug fixes and optimisations.


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