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Almighty: Update March 2022

We have been keeping our heads down and grafting hard on the game, which has helped keep our minds off world events a bit and the appalling slaughter in Ukraine. It gives you a different perspective seeing a city like Kyiv that you have visited being reduced to rubble. The people of Ukraine deserve better and to live in peace, and their bravery under the most terrible circumstances is inspiring.

Having said that, you can check out an update on the Versus Evil website which details our progress and one of the new features we are working on here:

We have added throwing carryable objects such as arms and hearts, that also allows you to charge them with static magic that does explosive damage on impact.

In addition, there are a number of things we are working on, we continue to look to address bugs and we have put a focus on fixing several issues with Raids on the Home Island in multiplayer.

We have added a new tracking system for crafting that allows you to create quests that you can track through the Quest Menu, making it easier to know what materials and how many you need to collect to craft a specific gear item.

In addition to fleshing out and improving our current systems, we have started to look at new races along with their associated gear and will be releasing more information about them in the coming months, so stay tuned.


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