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Almighty - Yeet!

A new video to go in the new YouTube channel, so if people could give it a like and subscribe that would be super great!

We are trying out a new capture setup that will hopefully allow us to put out more regular content and drill down into some of the features in the game and what we are working on. The game has a lot of different features and we would like to highlight them and give an overview of how they work.

This video features some of the large loot object mechanics we have implemented and are working on. The main new addition is the ability to throw large objects, and to charge them with static magic before hand that will cause a magical explosion on impact. We think there's a lot of fun 'play' can be had with these carriable items, although we haven't allowed player to 'yeet' Kindred or wildlife around.

Throwing can come in handy in co-op, quickly transferring loot between each other to get things to the extraction portals more quickly, but can also be used to damage those who may want to get in your way. Previously you could only pick up and drop items, so this addition should be in the next update.

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