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GDC 2023 - Flying the Flag

We are back from GDC and just surfacing from the jetlag and obligatory sniffles from sitting in a germ-filled tube for hours. Firstly we would like to thank Media Cymru, the Welsh Government and everyone involved for creating such a fantastic trade mission. The stand was great, and it was inspiring to see so many fellow Welsh companies with such a diverse range of creativity showing what they're working on.

We had a great response to showing people our games, there's nothing quite like meeting people in person and discussing it with them, and we found this very encouraging. It was also great to bump into some old friends and make some new ones. Game development can be very attritional with your heads down and locked up in an office, and it was great to take a breather and speak to real people. Below Conrad is making some final checks before the mass influx of people.

We were showing Almighty: Kill your Gods with a sneak peek of some of the new Version 1 content that will be out soon, and our new game Ironbear that is at prototype stage, which we are looking to discuss with potential publishing partners who would be interested in helping bringing it to market.

Here's a picture of the poster for Ironbear that seemed to go down quite well with people who saw it.


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