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Almighty - Return

Well we are safely back from GDC although a little tired with jet lag and the obligatory sniffles from being crammed in a metal tube for hours with other people. San Francisco is a great city, and it was really encouraging showing our game to people for the first time in a long while, and getting an overwhelming positive response to all the hard work we have put in. Met some really interesting new people and some old familiar faces.

Lots of meetings to follow up on, and lots of demos to send out. Didn't get a lot of time to walk around the expo, but the Google announcement is certainly going to stir things up a bit.

Want to thank the Welsh Government for helping us with meeting space and passes, specifically Kath and Dai who made things a lot easier than they would have been otherwise. Also want to congratulate everyone on the Welsh stand, there were some really interesting and creative projects on display.


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