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ALMIGHTY - Early Access!

And we are out! It's been a journey to get here, and in lots of ways the real work starts now, as we build on what we have created. It was always our ambition to launch into early access with a platform to build on, to see what players like and to evolve and iterate.

Whilst doing this we wanted to make sure the game was a viable value proposition for players that got in early, whilst the game may not be complete and things may not be of final polish, players can still have fun and get their moneys worth.

We feel we have achieved that, and the idea is that we will increase the games price as we further develop it and add new content, so players who support the game early on are rewarded with a lower price point.

Here's the Prologue intro sequence that appears at the start of the game:

Head on over and give it a try, it's currently at a discount, and please don't forget to give us a thumbs up recommend review we would really appreciate it :)


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